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RePrinted From C.O.P.A writer and Lazair Pilot Adam Hunt


Lazair # 1 still an been out of business for 20 yrs 

Salute to Dale Kramer,  Linda Kramer, Clifford Kramer and Peter Corley for this true marvel,

The Classic Twin LAZAIR Ultralight.  And to all that still fly the Legend !!


Did you Know – About The Most Popular Ultralights?

By Adam Hunt


            We often hear fans of particular ultralight designs making claims that their model of airplane is “the most popular ultralight in Canada ”. After hearing a couple of different designs try to claim that honour I decided to do some research.


            According to the TC Civil Aircraft Register, as of March 2004, here are the most commonly registered ultralight designs (basic and advanced):


Lazair (all models)                 460      (9.3% of all ultralights in Canada )

Beaver (all models)                446      (9.0%)

Challenger (all models)                     366 (including one amateur-built Challenger) (7.3%)

Quicksilver (all models)        296      (6.0%)

Chinook (all models)             285      (5.6%)

Six Chuter (all models)          131      (2.6%)


            Of course this doesn’t prove which aircraft have more examples actually flying in Canada – just that those are the total registered. Since some of these designs are no longer being produced, like the Lazair, it is likely that positions on this list will change in time!







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