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Canadian Ultralight Information

This web site is sponsored by as a service to the Canadian Ultralight Community.

Information was found here  and it outdated but in fear this valuable info is lost due to lack of the upddating been done we are using this as an archive resource for Ultralight Pilots to use.  Links from this site will only be valid as long as that site remains functional. 

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Ultralight Pilots Association of Canada (UPAC)

The Recreational Aircraft Association represents a group of Canadian aviation enthusiasts, working together to promote recreational aviation and to advance the science of amateur built aircraft

Reports from Ottawa:

The Ultralight Aeroplane Transition Strategy was signed in January, 1997. This document introduced a new definition of Ultralight Aeroplane using a gross weight. The maximum takeoff weight, or gross weight, must be equal to or less than 544kg (1200 lbs), have a stall speed of 45mph or less, and have a calculated minimum useful load. Basic ultralights are not allowed to carry passengers. The current Advanced Ultralight is now included in the Ultralight category (C-I registered). As long as the advanced ultralight aircraft complies with TP10141, passenger carrying is allowed if the pilot has an RPP or higher license.

By December, 1997, there had been very few ultralight aeroplanes registered using the new definition. Now that the strategy has been in place for awhile, many pilots are finishing their projects and need to complete their paperwork. With the help of Louise Knox of Transport Canada, I have detailed the process to help you register, or reregister, your ultralight aeroplane.

Also included in this Strategy is the privilege of the holder of the Ultralight Pilot Permit to fly any aeroplane which fits the definition of Ultralight Aeroplane; that is, 1200 lb amateur built or certified aircraft are allowed to be flown by UL pilots. Currently UL pilots are not allowed to carry passengers; however, two pilots may fly together in a basic two place or Advanced Ultralight. Transport Canada has a copy of this document on their Recreational Aviation web page.

Information on Canadian Ultralight Regulations:

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