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PostPosted: Mon Aug 18, 2008 2:39 pm
by huronflyer
I just happened to meet a neat pilot flying through CYEL with a sortie of crop dusters.
He works and flies for a major aircraft manufactuer and just does the dusting for fun...he used to be a fighter jockey in Europe.

But best of all he did not make fun of my Lazair, "I have flown Lazairs".
He has met Dale Kramer and the late Peter C.

He is also a glider pilot and he was giving me some tips about the conditions around CYEL, pointing out hills and down drafts etc. He told me to stay higher around here when possible. He said the Lazair is better than many of the so-called motor gliders, which really was nice to hear.

If I had not had difficulty getting a socket for the decompresser valves, then had lunch with old Frank I would have missed the moment.

The people in the hanger can really make your day.

David H.