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Postby ola » Wed Feb 22, 2006 1:52 am

mecachrome in france(jpx)
kontact : Richard piras
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decompression valve ref 21002050 price in euro for 1(one)pice 15,24
upper inlet valve gasket ref 21005031 2,59
lower inlet valve gasket ref 21005032 2,59
exhasut gasket ref 21006011 10,00
base cylinder gasket ref 21002040 4,57
head cylinder gasket ref 21002041 9,15

jpx have almost all bearings too but the prices are too high.

axial needle bearings for the crank you can order from timken
this bearing are in two pices one washer and one bearing
here are the order nr:

washer : cp3552 this washer you can order in different thickness(this is orginal)
bearing : ax3552

there is one big bearing on either side of the crank(needle bearing)it`s a very-
common bearing. the orginal has this number you only tell the supplier this -
number and he can convert it to any manufactor he will(ask at timken).
here is the orginal number :

iko japan-taf304020

same with the sealings on both sides of the engine.

rod bearings and axial washers, i choose orginal here is no substitute !!.
you have to buy 2bearings and 4 washers for one engine !.
here is the Yamaha orginal numbers:

bearing(3R3) : 93310422H000
washer(29L) : 902092224800

and for god`s sake don`t buy sheep oil you will kill the rod bearings !!!!!!!.

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