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Postby jolundsgaard » Tue Jan 23, 2007 7:38 pm

Hi Friends !!

I am coming to the US of A and want to see if could be so lucky to buy a preowned Lazaire in good condition and not too expensive ...

If exist a two-seater vould be nice and also a shute - just in case ..

Has anybody actually tryed the shute ??

I vould like one on floats or and cabin + Instruments - alle in good working order.

Payment in full cash after trial - have certificate bĂșt have not been flying for some years ..

Please ansver if You know any for sale to my mail:

Greetings from denmark !!

Am still looking for my good friend from some years ago - have lost contact - or you have changed mail-addr.
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Postby Shannon » Tue Jan 23, 2007 7:57 pm ... oject.html (Lazair for sale)

(Lazair for sale)
This is a 1984 Lazair 11 project with under 10 hrs.TT. Rotax 185's dual props.Slight damage in storage to one leading edge but D cell is fine. Needs recovering and TLC. $1800.00 Floats available. 0r trade for floats or other parts for CGS HAWK SSC
Contact Information

Contact: ken faux
Sault On., Ontario

Telephone: 705-759-7581

(Lazair Floats) ... =retrieval

(Lazair III for sale)
Date:16 January 2007
Company Name:Pinder Farms
Contact Person:Bryan Pinder
Street Address:RR # 1
Phone number:519-785-2097
Manufacture: Lazair III
Aircraft Category:HomeBuilt
Aircraft Model:Series 3
Year Made:1982

Aircraft Description:
Lazair series 3, one of the latest models, wide gear, toe brakes,
control sick up from bottom, Two Rotax 185 engines

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