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Postby JPXman » Sat Dec 13, 2003 9:57 pm

I am looking for anything to do with JPX PUL 425 engines. I have 6 of them now, and since I have been unable to find out information or parts, I have started out on my own. I have a shop that is set up to make head gaskets ($10US each) and base gaskets ($6.50US each), and I'm now sourcing the bearings and seals for the crank. If you are flying with JPX engines, check in here so we can pool our resources.

If you have any JPX engines lying around and want to sell, let me know and I'll buy them.

Cheers all, and keep in touch over the winter on your flying or fixing.

Ottawa, ON
Don't forget to email me at with your lazair info and a picture - i can resize it, so send what you have!
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