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PostPosted: Sat Jan 16, 2010 5:57 am
by Wayne
If I get a replacement P4 then I'll drill out the old plug and send a pic but until I get a replacement I don't have a pic sorry, but if you have buildt the aileron you'll know what Im referring too,
Also I can see how the F2 and F3 get stressed and crack, when having to remove one of them in order to get the other out of the T5 , the P4 with F3 attached has to be forced into the T5 (if not filed to fit) and then you are unable to aliegn the F2 with F3.
The fitting is so tight it is impossible to turn the F2-3 to aliegn and then you are forced to hammer the P4 out with the F2 attached, this bends the F2-3 which then needs to be straightened by mallet, you will now have a stressed F2-3 at the rivet line which will eventually crack if the fittment of T5 is not snug and a little side movement on the 35 bolt is evident.
So I need 4 new P4 plugs and 2 each F2-3 as I think I'll replace all of them as I think that the fittment needed too much metal removed from the P4s and the stress from the original fitment/ removal has caused too much fatigue already and warrants a replacement as the removal will no doubt cause more of the same issue in the deforming of the P4 and stress on the F2-3 with a bit more persuasion with the mallet to get the little buggers out again, I will also replace the T5's at the same time. I would like the P4s to be about 1-inch long so I can put new rivets in further in the end of the T5.