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Postby huronflyer » Sat Jun 07, 2008 12:00 pm


I was putting my aileron controls together on C-IIII,
they are overhead on my series 3 - that is where my second
mixer is and where my ailerons hook up - not on struts.

Anyhow the local AME stuck his head in and recommended I change
the pressure on one took me a lot longer to get it the way he
suggested. BTW I need to get more anal = due diligence.

The other suggestion he had for me was to use "Penny washers"
on the bolts on the rod ends, in case one rod end ever failed.
I did it in the rudder-vator end and at the mixer bell-crank
(vertical) but I did not do it on the side rod-ends at front (ones with
tiny Allan-key bolts - which really need the protection
BECAUSE it would interfere with the movement and deflection).

It is nice to have an experienced AME that cares about me, he
notice I was using a couple wrong washers in my bell-crank stack
where the ailerons connect...

it is a very difficult location to hook up and if you drop the washers
it makes it kind of ^&*(*^
I had planned on gluing one washer to the bottom, hum I might see
if a penny-washer works mid-stack (think we tried that).

Hope to have a pix from sky soon.

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