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Postby ozzie » Tue Sep 11, 2007 3:57 am

This has nothing to do with Lazairs but i thought my Canadian friends may( or may not ) get a giggle from this.

The people of Sydney just got a taste of what it is like when Govenments go crazy.
We just had the Asia Pacific Economic Convention with 12 of the top leaders meeting here. over 432 million dollars was spent on the security. A 45mile no fly zone around sydney for over a week was declared and this was patrolled by a fleet of black helicopters that had the capability of shutting down mobile phone signals as they flew over the motorcades travelling from the airport to the city. 2 citations cruised the area and back up by 2 FA18 hornets. All pilots were told that if they entered the zone they would be shot down, period. A skymaster entered the airspace some 4 hours after he was cleared to enter was intercepted by the FA18s and had two flares shot over his nose and then forced to land. this was done over houses at an altitude of 1500ft. bet the pilot crapped himself. not to mention the people on the ground. Every road from the airport to the city was delclared a special clearway and any car parked there was towed away (of course there was a fee to retrieve the car.) They made a special 5klm steel fence and put it around the CBD and kicked everyone out. natually they did not reimburse shopowners or businesses for lost income. And the cops were given special powers to bash the crap out of anyone who had worked back late and found they were trapped inside a no go zone. you should have seen the look on the new water cannon operators face, a grin from ear to ear when it was demonstrated to the press. they could not wait to use all the new toys they were given. All that topped off with snipers on the roofs and 2000 army on standby. The term used was LOCKDOWN Given all that, a total of 18 arrests were made. and here is the laugh. We have a TV comedy show team called Chasers. They are a pretty warped group of people. They hired a bunch of limosines and put little Canadian flags on the front and picked up the freeway from the airport about half an hour before the real Canadian turned up They made it through 2 of the security checkpoints and at the third and final one only a hundred meters from the door of the hotel some bright spark noticed that there was no motorcycle escort. busted. When they emptied the car there were a bunch of CIA look a likes and Osama bin himself.
432million of security had failed. I don't think a Sydneysider did not cheer them on when it was shown on the news. Gotta hand it to them. That took huge goolies. They came so close to being shot. But our PM had it coming. Sydney had basically told him to bugger off out to the desert, so everyone is pretty peeved. Blair is gone Bush is soon to follow and Howard will be out of here one way or another in a couple of months. Maybe then the "world events" scene will calm down a bit. But Australia has just seen a huge change in our freedoms over the last two weeks and a lot of people don't like it.
Hope the Canadians don't take offence over the use of your flag. It was just the timing of his arrival, apparently.
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Postby xgary » Thu Sep 13, 2007 4:34 am

hahah , ozzie i saw that on the news a few days ago

Shorty .............
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